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Acer Aspire One AOA150-1784 8.9

Acer Aspire One AOA150-1784 8.9-Inch Sapphire Blue Netbook - 6 Cell Battery

I will introduce you to
We are interested in Acer Aspire One AOA150-1784 8.9-Inch Sapphire Blue Netbook - 6 Cell Battery Coming Soon I find this from Amazon I will That interes, You that Agree?.

Customer Shopping BuZZ

Fine little fellow5
I purchased this machine about a month ago and it just works. It has Win XP and the 6 cell battery.
Win XP supplies known connectivity and usability. The battery lasts about 5 hours and that's fine. I downloaded Open Office which I highly recommend.

The keyboard is great. The mouse pad is ok, I wish it was a little larger. The screen is sharp and bright.

This thing is light, small, and a lot of fun to use.

My only warning is that my experience with Acer product support on another product was very frustrating. As long as this one keeps working, I'll be ok.

Acer Netbook5
The Acer Netbook is all that I expected it to be. It is going to be very useful for travel this summer. The part I like best is the keypad and how easy it is to use. I had considered purchasing an Iphone or Blackberry, but the use of the keypads on these is very challenging and frustrating. The Acer netbook's keypad is very close to a standard size keypad and very easy to use. Love the light weight too.

great deal5
wanted a cheap alternative to a laptop that I could use for all my needs. I purchased a SDHD card for extra memory and an external CD/DVD drive to expand the capabilities of the machine. I love it. It is small enough to take everywhere (& I do). It loads fast, and I'm thinking of buying another one since my kids have stolen it to play games.

About Acer Aspire One AOA150-1784 8.9-Inch Sapphire Blue Netbook - 6 Cell Battery detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #23 in Personal Computers
  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Acer
  • Model: AOA150-1784- BLUE
  • Dimensions: 1.42" h x 9.80" w x 6.70" l, 2.44 pounds
  • CPU: Intel Celeron 1.6 GHz
  • Memory: 1000MB DDR SDRAM
  • Hard Disk: 160GB
  • Processors: 1
  • Display size: 8.9


  • Full-function laptop in sapphire blue with 8.9-inch display, integrated webcam, and 6-cell battery with up to 5.5-hours of use
  • 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor, 160 GB hard disk drive, 1 GB RAM (2 GB max)
  • 54g Wi-Fi LAN (802.11b/g); 10/100 Ethernet; Intel GMA 950 graphics
  • Connectivity: 3 USB, 1 headphone, 1 microphone, Secure Digital slot, multi-format memory card slot, VGA monitor output
  • Pre-installed with Windows XP Home operating system, Mouse included

Acer Aspire One AOA150-1784 8.9-Inch Sapphire Blue Netbook - 6 Cell Battery Description

Weighing in at just over 2 and 3/4 pounds, the Aspire one Mobile Internet device is the ideal traveling companion that lets you take the Internet on the road. Communicate with friends and family and enjoy a variety of entertainment in a small portable design that keeps you connected on the go. The Intel Atom Processor combines performance, power and efficiency to explore the Internet and stay connected while on the go. Enjoy reliable on-line access with 802.11b/g Wireless to explore the Internet and view photos or Video clips and listen to Music in a comfortable browsing environment on the Acer CrystalBrite display. Windows XP Home Edition lets you surf the Internet, edit documents and photos, read email, and enjoy the webcam to chat online with or take still photos smoothly and reliably right out-of-the-box at a great price. Store all of your Digital albums, music libraries and documents on the high-speed 160GB hard drive. Sufficient Storage that's easy to upgrade, just pop in an external SD card. Whether you are a first time user or just want a second computing device to easily check E-mail and surf the Internet, the Aspire one was designed for simplicity with a intuitive Desktop design, widescreen display and easy-typing keyboard. 8.9 diagonal WSVGA (1024 x 600) CrystalBrite TFT LCD Display Integrated Crystal Eye Webcam Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 Built-in Stereo Speakers Acer InviLink 802.11b/g Wireless 10/100 Ethernet LAN Multi-in-1 Card Reader - SD, MMC, RS-MMC, MS, MS Pro, and xD 3 x USB 2.0, Headphone/Speaker/Line-Out, Microphone-in, VGA, RJ-45 (LAN) Approximate Unit Dimensions - 9.8 (W) x 6.7 (D) x 1.14 (H) Approximate Unit Weight - 2.78 Pounds

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Samsung NC10-14GB 10.2-Inch Netbook

Samsung NC10-14GB 10.2-Inch Netbook (1.6 GHz Intel Atom Processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, 6 Cell Battery, XP Home) Blue

How re you
To day I find introduce you this Samsung NC10-14GB 10.2-Inch Netbook (1.6 GHz Intel Atom Processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, 6 Cell Battery, XP Home) Blue from amazon and I read about that ,I think that wonderfull.

Customer Shopping BuZZ

Thrilled with my Samsung NC 105
After so many overseas trips and either intruding upon my colleagues for access to internet and email, or, after many trips to the hotel desk for access to their business office, and, needing to place a telephone call home from Japan and elsewhere, I finally determined that my last trip without small, very portable access to all of the above was indeed my last! I must admit that I had been thinking about something very small like HP or Dell, but in exploring reviews of many netbooks, I bought the Samsung NC10 on the basis of a video review provided by Laptop Magazine...I am absolutely thrilled with my choice! The keyboard is just ever so slightly under full sized so I can type accurately with ease...and the 10 inch screen is fabulous! The screen is very bright and clear, and it can easily be seen at a wide angle (and I'm one of those nuts that is using my netbook without even taking the plastic shipping "screen shield" off...battery life seems to be great!!! I'm using mine at normal power mgr settings, and I do indeed believe I'm getting seven hours of usage as advertised (with the standard supplied battery...I do shut down completely after each use, and the NC10 boots up very quickly). I am not a great fan of using touchpads though this one, while on the small side, works well. I am instead using a new Logitech Nano laser that works beautifully, and it has the new and very small transceiver that barely protrudes from one of the three netbook USB ports. With the standard 1GB memory and 160 GB hard drive, this is fast enough (you can upgrade to 2GB very easily)and more than large enough for me! This little thing is great! I'm now using it while I'm watching the Stanley Cup playoffs, and it's great because I can do everything with it, and barely take my eyes off of the game!

Everything I wanted in a netbook!5
I wanted something really small and really light with a decent capacity @ at a good price. I did upgrade the memory to 2GB. The only complaint if I absolutely had to come up with it is that the exterior gets fingerprints and smudges on it easily. This is a nice system so I highly recommend it!

Great little computer5
I have had the NC10 for about a month now and it is a really nice little computer. If you are doing graphic intensive operations (e.g. gaming) this may not be the computer for you. However, I was surprised by how much this little netbook CAN do. I am currently running Systat, ArcMap, Office2007, R, and a host of other scientific programs, and the NC10 does just fine. Granted, the screen is pretty small and you wouldn't want this as your primary computer, but for the occasional 'work from home' day or travel... it is more than capable. The battery life is great and if combined with a Nano wireless mini-mouse, is a pleasure to use. The touchpad is certainly the weak point, but even it is not unusable... it simply takes some getting used to. The screen is exceptionally bright and easily seen in sunlight. Don't let the netbook designation put you off, this computer is capable of a lot more...

About Samsung NC10-14GB 10.2-Inch Netbook (1.6 GHz Intel Atom Processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, 6 Cell Battery, XP Home) Blue detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #13 in Personal Computers
  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model: NC10-14GB
  • Dimensions: 7.30" h x 1.19" w x 10.27" l, 2.80 pounds
  • CPU: Intel Core Solo 1.6 GHz
  • Memory: 1000MB DDR2 SDRAM
  • Hard Disk: 160GB
  • Processors: 1
  • Native resolution: 10.2
  • Display size: 10.2


  • 10.2" Wide, 1024 x 600 WSVGA , 220 nits
  • Intel Atom processor N270, 1.6 GHz, 533 MHz Front Side Bus, 512 KB Level 2 Cache
  • 160 GB, 2.5" SATA HD, 1 GB DDR2 800 MHz
  • Intel 945GSE shared, 802.11 b/g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, 10/100 BaseTX LAN
  • 6-Cell Lithium Ion, Genuine Microsoft XP® Home with Service Pack 3, 1.3 Mega Pixel webcam, Kensington Key Lock, 1 year standard parts and labor, 2.8 lbs

Samsung NC10-14GB 10.2-Inch Netbook (1.6 GHz Intel Atom Processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, 6 Cell Battery, XP Home) Blue Description

The NC10 Netbook by Samsung is ideal for users looking for a low-cost, highly mobile solution that is aimed at "consuming" data via the Internet versus "creating" data. Key System Benefits - Easy to take with you whether it’s around the house, the campus or wherever one might travel; provides significant performance capabilities to wander the Internet and take care of basic productivity applications; enables one to view the Internet in full screen without compromise in a clear and comfortable display; maximum storage capacity for everything you download from the web; provides maximum system performance for basic web browsing and limited system functionality; enhances system performance without adding unnecessary system overhead; provides a great balance of price and performance; full size, easy to use keyboard is coated with Silver "Nano" ions to help protect the user from harmful bacteria. Key System Features - Weighing in at just 2.8 pounds; the NC10 adopts the new Intel Atom CPU; 10.2" wide LCD display providing 1024 x 600 resolution with 250 nits of brightness and an anti-reflection gloss coating display; high capacity 6-cell Lithium Ion battery providing up to 5 to 6 hours of continuous run time; 160GB capacity hard disk drive (HDD); 1GB system memory (RAM); Windows XP Home Operating System; Silver-Nano Keyboard; available in Blue or White color.

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ASUS Eee PC 1000HE 10-Inch Netbook

ASUS Eee PC 1000HE 10-Inch Netbook (1.66 GHz Intel Atom N280 Processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, 10 GB Eee Storage, Bluetooth, XP Home, 9.5 Hour Battery Life) Black

I will introduce you to
Have a nice time i find ASUS Eee PC 1000HE 10-Inch Netbook (1.66 GHz Intel Atom N280 Processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, 10 GB Eee Storage, Bluetooth, XP Home, 9.5 Hour Battery Life) Black I will think This Interesting ,and you can see that

Customer Shopping BuZZ

Surpassed Expectations5
After much research, I chose this unit for my wife and was pleasantly surprised by the build quality, processor and memory speed, etc. Like other reviewers, the number one complaint is the gloss finish of the case which is impossible to keep clean. It attracts fingerprints like a magnet, but that is a minor issue overall. Battery life is 7.5 hours plus on full performance/bright screen. I did upgrade from 1 MB to 2 MB memory which was an easy task taking 5 minutes and costing $16.00 for the memory module. The first couple hours were spent getting used to the smaller screen size (compared to laptop), determining the best resolution, and trackpad setting. With a few adjustments - this is the perfect machine for email and internet access at home and in the coffee shop. Wireless access is simple and quick. Even with 3 desktops on the home network, including connections to large screen TV and wireless keyboard/mouse - my wife and I both prefer to use this netbook 90% of the time. I'm still trying to decide whether to buy another one for myself or the HP2140, which is more expensive but has the brushed aluminum case.

Big system in a small package5
This is a terrific netbook. Small, light, great battery life, multi-touch pad. Win XP runs well and StarOffice is included.

It comes with the hard drive already partitioned making real easy to install Linux and dual boot. There is an active Linux community for the Asus Eee PCs.

Exceeded expectations!5
I bought this netbook after reading the reviews and looking at some at others (mostly 8.5 inch screens - which were asking too much of my aging eyes) at local stores. The reviews here are really what sold me - and although I was skeptical about the battery life - it was a key selling point. I figured it would be somewhat less than as promised - but the real surprise is that it does last 8 hours - and that is without me turning down the brightness of the monitor (which I had assumed had to be done to get that type of battery life). I also bought the extra memory as suggested - and I was able to install it by myself! I actually did a Google search for how to install it - and found some videos on YouTube that walked me through it. I didn't even need to call my son to help! I recommend this netbook highly for all the reasons stated in the other reviews!

About ASUS Eee PC 1000HE 10-Inch Netbook (1.66 GHz Intel Atom N280 Processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, 10 GB Eee Storage, Bluetooth, XP Home, 9.5 Hour Battery Life) Black detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1 in Personal Computers
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Asus
  • Model: EPC1000HE-BLK005X
  • Dimensions: 1.12" h x 7.53" w x 10.47" l, 3.20 pounds
  • CPU: Intel Core Solo 1.66 GHz
  • Memory: 1000MB DDR2 SDRAM
  • Hard Disk: 160GB
  • Graphics: This is the description of the PC Graphics 256MB
  • Processors: 1
  • Battery type: Lithium Ion
  • Native resolution: 640x480
  • Display size: 10


  • XP-Preloaded with 160G large H.D.D. Intel Atom 280 Processor (1.66 GHz, FSB: 667MHz)
  • ASUS Super Hybrid Engine and 6 cell high density battery pack allow for longer battery lifespan of up to 9.5 hours. Super Hybrid Engine offers a choice of performance and power consumption modes for easy adjustments according to various needs
  • High Speed Connectivity Anywhere with Wi-Fi 802.11n (2.4GHz only). Eee Connect for an easy way to connect two or more users through a remote desktop feature for easy troubleshooting.
  • Exclusive 10GB Eee Storage with easy accessibility anywhere online
  • Free 1 YR Warranty (6 month for battery, 30 day ZBD Guaranteed) and sleeve

ASUS Eee PC 1000HE 10-Inch Netbook (1.66 GHz Intel Atom N280 Processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, 10 GB Eee Storage, Bluetooth, XP Home, 9.5 Hour Battery Life) Black Description

The Eee PC 1000HE by Asus comes in Fine Ebony style that has a much longer battery life than previous models, up to 9 hours with the help of the new Intel N280 processor and Asus Super Hybrid Engine battery technology. The Eee PC has a sturdy LED backlit display with a high-resolution screen. At 1024 x 600 pixels, images are clear and sharp, making it more comfortable on the eyes reading and editing documents. Typing has also gotten easier with the new chicklet keyboard, which gives you wide keys that are spread out to help prevent mistyping. On the top of this screen is the 1.3 Megapixel Webcamera that works synchronously with the 802.11N (2.4GHz only) wireless to provide web conferencing anywhere, anytime for easier web communications and increased work efficiency. To complete the wireless package you also get Bluetooth that allows you to easily connect wireless with Bluetooth headsets or mouse for added comfort and use. Store all your favorite music, video and personal files on the 160GB hard drive and when you need additional space or some way to backup, you can do it with the additional 10GB Eee Online storage. Preinstalled on the Eee PC to provide you a familiar interface is Microsoft's Windows XP Home, Windows Live Messenger and Works for numerous office applications, that allows anyone to learn, work and play. With all of these features the Asus Eee PC makes for a fantastic purchase as a well-equipped second notebook or a Web access tool, so beat the crowds, and get yours today before they sell out! 10 LCD WSVGA (1024 x 600) LED Backlight Display Intel UMA Graphics Card 1.3 Megapixel Webcamera and Digital Array Microphone WiFi 802.11b/g/n (draft n is 2.4GHz only) Wireless Bluetooth 10/100Mbps LAN Stereo Speakers Memory Card Slot - MultiMedia Card (MMC), Secure Digital (SD) Card, SDHC Connections - 3 x USB, VGA, Headphone, Microphone, RJ-45 (LAN) Approximate Unit Dimensions - 10.47 (W) x 7.53 (D) x 1.12 ~ 1.50 (H) Approximat

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Compaq Presario SR5710F Desktop PC

Compaq Presario SR5710F Desktop PC (2.3 GHz AMD Athlon X2 4450e+ Dual-Core Processor, 3 GB RAM, 250 GB Hard Drive, DVD Drive, Vista Premium)

I will introduce you to
This day I'll introduce you about Compaq Presario SR5710F Desktop PC (2.3 GHz AMD Athlon X2 4450e+ Dual-Core Processor, 3 GB RAM, 250 GB Hard Drive, DVD Drive, Vista Premium) Coming Soon I find this from Amazon I will That interes, You that Agree?.

Customer Shopping BuZZ

You buy cheap.....1
Activate the Sleep Mode and it's almost impossible for the computer to revive. Rolling the mouse is a joke, so is pressing the power switch, and hitting the sleep key. The only way is to pull the plug out, not once, but several times. Following the trouble-shooting instructions didn't solve the problem, on-line help only made me repeat the process. Phoning HP's support group was almost insulting. They told me to simply DON'T USE the Sleep Mode!! Well, that's a lot easier than trying to fix the darn thing and it's a brand-new computer. Maybe if Compaq manufactured autos with defective brakes, they'll fix the problem by telling you not to use the brakes! Unaccepatable.

Does not have the 15/1 card reader2
Contrary to the description, this computer does not have the card reader. Now other then that, the system is a good work computer. Reliable and well equipped.

Compaq Presario Desktop PC5
Well-packed, and easy set up. Works as well as any other computer. I am very satisfied and would recommend this PC to anyone looking for a computer that "does it all" at a great low price.

About Compaq Presario SR5710F Desktop PC (2.3 GHz AMD Athlon X2 4450e+ Dual-Core Processor, 3 GB RAM, 250 GB Hard Drive, DVD Drive, Vista Premium) detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #67 in Personal Computers
  • Brand: Hewlett-Packard
  • Model: SR5710F
  • Dimensions: 14.85" h x 16.77" w x 6.67" l, 23.00 pounds


  • Affordable family multimedia desktop PC with 2.3 GHz AMD Athlon 64 X2 4450e+ dual-core processor
  • 250 GB hard drive, 3 GB installed RAM (4 GB max), 16x multi-format/dual-layer LightScribe DVD drive
  • 10/100 Ethernet; Nvidia GeForce 6150 SE graphics (up to 1343 MB total)
  • Connections: 6 USB, 1 VGA, 1 headphone/line-out, 1 microphone
  • Pre-installed with Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit, SP1); includes wired keyboard and scroller mouse

Compaq Presario SR5710F Desktop PC (2.3 GHz AMD Athlon X2 4450e+ Dual-Core Processor, 3 GB RAM, 250 GB Hard Drive, DVD Drive, Vista Premium) Description

Compaq Presario SR5710f Desktop PC AMD Athlon X2 4450e+ Dual-Core 2.3GHz Processor; 3GB Memory; 250GB 7200 rpm SATA Hard Drive; SuperMulti DVD Burner with LightScribe Technoloy; Operating system: GenuineWindows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1. Simplicity, security, and innovation team up in our Compaq Presario SR5710F Desktop to bring you easy e-mail, Web surfing, and making calls over the Internet. With a clean, functional industrial design, this streamlined PC will easily blend with your home's decor. Features: * Experience genuine Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1 * Get reliable power from the 2.3GHz AMD AthlonAthlon X2 4450e+ Dual-Core Processor * Multitask with the 3GB PC2-6400 DDR2 SDRAM (expandable to 4GB) * Enhance viewing with the Nvidia GeForce 6150 SE graphics (128MB dedicated) * Store data on the high-capacity 250GB, 7200 rpm SATA hard drive * Label discs with silkscreen-quality text, photos, and designs using HP's cool LightScribe feature * Watch movies and burn DVDs using the double-layer DVD±R/RW SuperMulti drive * Get high-defsound with the six-speaker configurable audio *Edit and create videos using the muvee autoProducer Basic and CyberLink DVD suite Deluxe software * Get productive with Microsoft Works 9, which includes word processing, spreadsheets, database, and calendar * Connect digital cameras MP3 players, and camcorders with the top- and back-access USB2.0 and FireWire ports * Guard against viruses,spam, and spyware with Norton Internet Security 2008 (60-day live update trial) * Add peripheralslike our ultraportable 160GB pocket media drive for sharing content, even while away from your PC, and a surge protector to keep your equipment safe from power disturbances Specifications: Processor: AMD Athlon X2 4450e+ Dual-Core 2.3GHz Processor Memory: 3GB Memory speed: PC2-6400 DDR2 SDRAM memory (1x2048MB and 1x1024MB for ultimate perf

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Compaq CQ2009F Desktop PC

Compaq CQ2009F Desktop PC (1.6 GHz Intel Atom 230 Processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, DVD Drive, XP Home)

How's everything?
Now I find Compaq CQ2009F Desktop PC (1.6 GHz Intel Atom 230 Processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, DVD Drive, XP Home) from amazon and I read about that ,I think that wonderfull.

Customer Shopping BuZZ

Not just for children5
I am a retired person, and when my computer died, I needed to replace it. Being on a limited budget, and with my computer requirements being only for emailing, surfing etc., I don't need a big powerful machine. I love this machine. It is fast, and for my purposes, perfect. Anyone who has light use requirement, and limited funds, this might be a good choice for you. I should add that it was extremely easy to get up and running.

This turned out to be a great little computer (I'm not a gamer though). I am replacing a Pentium 4 mid tower that I used mostly for personal business, email, Photo cataloging and editing and waching some videos (Netflix). It has the Poster sized quick setup and had everything I needed to get it running. I am using AT&T DSL and it really hums on the Internet. Everything works faster than before and even the DVD burner works well. I did try burning a 30 minute video and it took a while ( I think it was an hour and a half). Video looks good and clear. I am using a Samsung 19" flatscreen I already had and together they make a small foot print. I use Picasa at home to sort photos and this works well I can do some small editing functions and there is very little lag time on applying changes. I haven't tried Photoshop on it yet, but I will soon. Very Happy with this and especially the price.

Great Value, minor complaints4
I bought this to replace an 8 yr. old PC that finally failed--this tiny XP box was the practical answer. I agree with the positive reviews you'll read here, and add just a couple of things that no one has mentioned. First, the onboard Intel video has native support for screen rotation, so if you like to switch your monitor to portrait mode, you're all set. The power switch is mounted in a way that prevents you from using this PC on its side (i.e. with the DVD drive parallel to your work surface). That's a bit odd; I don't like having the drive tray in a vertical orientation. The unit is quiet until the fan kicks in, then it is louder than expected. But the fan is rarely on.

We use it for browsing, email, Rhapsody, and light photo editing. For these everyday tasks it is just great. If you like XP, this is a good solution.

About Compaq CQ2009F Desktop PC (1.6 GHz Intel Atom 230 Processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, DVD Drive, XP Home) detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #76 in Personal Computers
  • Brand: Hewlett-Packard
  • Model: CQ2009F
  • Dimensions: 9.69" h x 10.71" w x 4.41" l, 11.90 pounds


  • Desktop PC with 1.60GHz Intel Atom Processor 230 with 512KB L2 Cache
  • 1GB PC2-4200 DDR2 SDRAM Memory, 160GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive
  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 with 64MB Dedicated Graphics Memory
  • SuperMulti DVD Burner, 10/100Base-T Network Interface
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, dims in inches: 4.41 (W) x 10.71 (L/D) x 9.69 (H) approx., 8.16 lbs

Compaq CQ2009F Desktop PC (1.6 GHz Intel Atom 230 Processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, DVD Drive, XP Home) Description

Hp compaq sff atom 230 cpu 1gb 160gb windows xp supermulti drive

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Apple MacBook Pro MB470LL/A 15.4-Inch Laptop

Apple MacBook Pro MB470LL/A 15.4-Inch Laptop (2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 2 GB DDR3 RAM, 250 GB Hard Drive, Slot Loading SuperDrive)

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This day I'll introduce you about Apple MacBook Pro MB470LL/A 15.4-Inch Laptop (2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 2 GB DDR3 RAM, 250 GB Hard Drive, Slot Loading SuperDrive) You can see Now!

Customer Shopping BuZZ

Excelent laptop, very thin, fast battery lasts much longer than other laptops I've had, Strongly recommend it.

Switching From a PC to a 17" MacBook Z0G5 128GB SSD5
As of this writing, I've noticed that Amazon is mixing all MacBook Pro reviews together, regardless of the model you searched on to get here. This is for the Z0G5, which is really just the 2.66GHz MB604LL 17" with the 128GB Solid State Drive option. Although I have used Apple/Mac products over the years, this is the first time an Apple has been my number 1 computing device. I'm including details for those used to the PC environment, so those already familiar with Apple, please be patient, as I wanted to help weigh the pros and cons of switching from Windows.

This, quite simply, is the nicest computer I have ever owned or used since starting with them in 1979. It is not for everybody, if only because of price, but if there is something you are used to doing on Windows XP or Vista, this will probably do it, and do it faster and more reliably.


* Bootup/shutdown times - benchmarks are somewhat relative, but my 6 year old HP ze5400 P4, and 5 month old dv7-1130 core-duo, both will boot XP Pro to a usable state in just over 4 minutes, including effects of anti-virus software and initial browser launch. Using the same licensed copy of XP Pro for this MBP, it boots in an incredible 25 seconds, every time. This latter time is a full boot-up -- no hour glasses to wait through. Shutdowns average around 4 seconds on the MBP, compared to around 30 to 45 seconds on the above mentioned Windows laptops. You can also run Vista32/64, Linux, Unix, Sun and other OS using VMware Fusion, which runs within the Leopard OS -- this is absolutely terrific software, and if you set it to full screen, you will be hard pressed to tell if you are running a pure Windows OS, although Fusion will only devote one of the two Intel cores to Windows. This latter point is quite amazing, when you read about how fast Vista boots on other MBP's (see other Amazon reviews in April 2009). You can allocate the majority of the included 4GB of RAM and almost as much as the hard drive/SSD to these guest OS' as you want. For just Leopard, the native OS, boot and shutdown times are comparable, and of course, that's for just that OS -- it has nothing to do with Fusion or guest OS's.

* Screen - having just come from a near-new HP dv7-1130us, which also has a glossy 17" screen, well, there is simply no comparison. I'm not being an "Apple snob" here. The MBP offers a much sharper and more colorful image. Personally, the occasional glare is a worthwhile trade-off for the image quality, but I spent almost 2 hours in a local Apple store comparing the glossy vs. anti-glare side-by-side, and I almost picked the anti-glare, extra $50 cost notwithstanding. Unless you are really concerned about the final few pixels of 130dpi resolution which the glossy screen seems to bring out, or the pop-out color of the glossy, the anti-glare is just as good, and almost fully eliminates any trace of glare. I could have been happy with either. Also, when running XP in VMware Fusion, you can set the screen resolution to a ridiculous 5210 x 3200 ! (not native of course, but the even the 1920x1200 is better than any WSXGA+ screen I'm aware of)

* Battery power - I've only run on battery for 4 hours at a time, but I would estimate usable power for up to 6 hours, with occasional wifi use and uninterrupted word processing. I do think it's POSSIBLE to get the 8 hr time, particularly if you get the flash hard drive and 2.66GHz processor, but you have to allow all power saving options, reduce screen brightness to absolute minimum, etc, so that practically, this is just a laboratory spec. However, I have never owned a laptop that did better than 3 hours -- so this doubled that.

* Keyboard - I have come to really like the keyboard in only two weeks, although I do miss having a backspace key. Apple die-hards may know something I don't, but without backspace or an 'end' key, I find I am re-positioning the cursor a lot. However, the track pad almost compensates for this. When set for single-tap, this is the best track pad I've ever used. I never accidentally select or click items anymore. Right click is done with two-fingers, and is less effort than actual 'right-clicking'. Windows hotkeys, such as alt-tab, ctrl c, ctrl v, etc. work when running XP. I dislike the sharp edge towards the front of the laptop, and I'm a little surprised that Apple picked form over razor-blade-function by not beveling this. But, this thing is a MacBook Air wannabe - it is very thin, and the pressure on the wrists still isn't as bad as other laptops I have used. Too bad they didn't round it like the bottom edge.

* SSD speed and response - currently, going to the Solid State Drive (NAND flash memory) is a $300 premium to a 7200RPM hard drive, and that only gets you 128GB, of which you will have around 93 usable GB after getting your Mac with Leopard, iLife (included) and in my case, iWork loaded on it. I keep photos and large files on a couple of external HDD's, and use an online backup service for really important business files, so trading off speed to lower capacity was very worthwhile. In fact, I'm getting in the bad habit of not shutting down, but just putting the MBP to sleep and stuffing it in my bag while it's saving files -- it doesn't matter with SSD. I've read about benchmarking SSD to HDD, small files vs big files, etc, etc. Frankly, it was all meaningless once using it for real. It's expensive now, but in 5 years, we will all be using SSD.

* iWork and TextEdit - these will open .doc, .xls, .xlsx, etc. You may not be able to edit all the features of Windows productivity software using Apple's own versions on their own, but you can still do many things with iWork, and you can always view any Microsoft-format files. I was stunned at some of iWork's templates in Pages and Numbers.

* You can share files between the Leopard and Windows OS (or any other guest OS) using shared folders. You can also select to share files between different users or not. This reminded me of using LAN shares.

* Blue screen? What's that?? Cheekiness aside, I can lock a Mac if I really try, but I have not done so yet on this or it's guest XP Pro OS. Just a pleasure to use.

* 2.66GHz vs 2.93GHz for an extra $300 - I'm being a little less than objective here, but looking at bench marks for the MacPro desktop, and talking with Apple Genius reps, I concluded the 2.93GHz processor only adds about 5 to 7% more usable processing power. Feel free to offer your opinion.

* Occasional lag - this has happened 3 times in two weeks - I think this is due to the guest OS and tear-down of memory ranges. It's not that obtrusive, but after getting used to the normal speed of the laptop, it's a bit of a surprise when it does happen.

* Trash bin - no restore. I have researched this and as incredible as it will sound to Windows users, you must manually restore unintended deletions yourself to whatever folder it came from -- not very helpful if you were typing/swiping quickly and didn't see where you unintentionally deleted something, or you are unfamiliar with Mac directory trees. I have read some borderline-snob opinions about this, but it's a serious oversight that should not be joked about. Most of us can identify with your hands tiring and inadvertently dragging a file or folder to the Trash. Or sometimes small creatures known as children get a-hold of your treasured, $3,000 device and use it as a Fisher-Price xylophone set. I've been around some very brainy, Product Development Engineering-Fellow-types for years, and they are sometimes guilty of convincing themselves that removing features like this are explainable, acceptable, and only weak or stupid people would ever complain. I guess I'm weak and stupid. Frankly, I don't care. Stupid people still seem to have a lot of money, (more than average, I have observed) so unless Apple likes perpetual 12% market-share, they should and will have to match certain, select attributes offered by competitors. Again, if I'm wrong, I'd welcome being set straight on the issue.

* Caution: Slippery When Dry - dry hands may not always grasp the super clean, smooth aluminum case, such as when going through airport X-ray security with hundreds of people jostling you. I purchased the 3 year warranty because of this (although damage in such circumstances still may not be covered).

* Warranty - at $349, it's a little expensive. I didn't know this when purchasing, but if you buy a 24" monitor with the MBP on the same invoice, then the warranty also covers the monitor. Except that, by definition, if you don't buy a monitor, then you're overpaying for a warranty that was priced to include one.

* You may need new hardware and/or software - much of it which is not cheap. One reason why VMware Fusion is so wonderful is you can load Window-based apps like Office and use your existing license. Apple currently throws in iLife, and if using only Leopard, you don't typically need anti-virus software. Some Apple hardware, like RAM, is designed only for Apple computers and does cost more -- even if you buy it from a third-party retailer.

* ExpressCard 34 port - I really will need an eSATA port. Unfortunately, reading some Apple reviews indicate that many commonly-available Express34 eSATA adapter drivers currently do not work reliably with the MBP. I normally don't put too much into a few bad reviews here and there, but this does seem to be a genuine problem with the MBP as of late April 2009. Driver updates may correct.

* Price - it has to be said: This is still just a computer. Once you add truly comparable hardware, the price difference is not quite as disparate as many believe...perhaps $2,000 for a premium, all-flash, all-day-battery Windows laptop to a $3,000 MBP. It's easy to fall into a trap of just counting USB ports, of how much DDR3 RAM you get, but I'm also referring to native screen resolution for a portable device, or color balance, stability, security vulnerability, etc. If the MBP advantages are worth it to you, chances are you already know. I just broke the TFT display on my 5 month old HP dv7-1130us laptop, which also had a dual-core, 4GB DDR3 RAM, etc., which lead to this MBP purchase, but believe me -- and I'm not trying to jump onto an anti-Vista kick here -- the PC was painful to use. Slow, alarmingly buggy, and poor legacy support. Even after downgrading it to XP and upgrading to a 7200RPM HDD, performance was still slow slow - slower than an old single core, P4 with 1GB DDR RAM. Specs aren't going to show you how fast this MBP boots.

Use the MacBook Pro a little bit, and it grows on you all the more. It seems different, but familiar hot keys, print screen, display and wifi settings, etc. are all still there.

Apple still reminds me of how computers used to be in the 1980's -- things are already laid-out for you, and you do it the Apple way, and if you don't like it, get used to it. PC, which really was a semi-open standard that began with Microsoft OS running of IBM PC's and PC clones, could be configured many ways. Like so many things, what makes it open also makes it complicated, with clashing interpretations of standards. Testing keeps systems reliable, but it is always the most expensive part of developing anything (I know, I can thank my career for it). As a result, testing is usually where cost-cutting must be performed. Next time you curse Vista, remember, Microsoft engineers cannot solve issues due to third-party designers. They will always be in reactive mode because Windows is relatively open.

Apple chose to make the day-to-day settings for you, and telling many peripheral designers "here's how your printer WILL talk to our computers", etc. It's potentially less flexible, and will slow third-party software and hardware development because it is more expensive to design and test with Apple. Ironically, this is disorienting to us Windows users. We are so used to controlling and setting everything, that an Apple computer seems too simple, and even that control is lost. This really isn't the case though. Virtually everything you can set in Windows can be manually set in a Mac. But what I've found over the last 2 weeks is, why would you want to keep adjusting anymore? I know it's their current slogan, so apologies, but the Apple really "just works". There's no need to get into setup menus -- set once and forget.

The last time I used iMac G3's or the original MacIntosh, I enjoyed them and remembered a few of my former PC-peers who said they would never switch back to a PC. I'm not quite sure I'm ready to say that yet, but the MacBook Pro 17" is the first Apple computer I'm willing to test that notion on.

A great, but expensive machine.4
When looking over reviews for Macs, you tend to run into the Apple fanatics. These people will praise anything that Apple makes, regardless of whether its worth the price or not. Having owned and used both PCs and Macs, I have no allegiance to either. I'm going to try to make this as unbiased as possible.

Whether you should go with a Mac or PC largely depends on what you'll use it for. These days Mac ARE PCs under the hood, they just use Apple's BIOS (EFI) and of course OS X. OS X is hands down a superior OS to Windows, however there are many applications that won't work under it. Sure you can boot Windows on Mac now, but why would you pay the premium to use Apple's proprietary hardware if your going to use Windows anyway? If your going to get a Mac make sure most of your applications will run on it. Otherwise the Macbook becomes an overpriced PC.

That said this is a review of the Mackbook Pro, so here are the pros and cons of it. Its a bit long, but I tried to point out everything.

- Beautiful, bright screen
- Backlit keyboard
- Glass cover LCD, so you can wash it without worring about damaging the LCD.
- Fast DDR3 memory
- An integrated graohics card to conserve power (GeForce 9400) and a decent graphics card (Nvidia 9600 GT) to use for gaming and graphic intense programs.
- Slot-load DVD drive, you don't have to worry about the tray.
- Firewire, a feature missing from the regular Macbook
- Nice large and responsive touchpad.
- OS X performs much better than Windows. Almost no crashes/freezes, very hard to get a virus, and faster.
- No preloaded bloatware, in fact most of the apps included are quite useful and easily removed if you want the space back.
- Decent speakers for a laptop.
- I have no benchmarks, but it seems like Vista runs faster on my Macbook even though the hardware is inferior to my other laptop.
- The thinnest and lightest 15 inch notebook I've ever encountered. I have no problem lugging it back and forth.

- It get HOT under intense use (especially above the number pad).
- The DVD drive is slow to burn and read.
- Screen resolution should be higher for this price.
- Multi-Touch touchpad takes some getting used to.
- Despite the fact that Nvidia claims its possible to use the 9400 and 9600 in "hybred SLI" (using the 9400 to give the 9600 a power boost) Apple has not included the functionality. There are report that it may come with the next release of OS X.
- The HDD is realitivly slow at only 5400 RPM. They should have gone with a 7200RPM. On the bright side its possible to upgrade the drive yourself.
- The only video output port is a "Mini Display Port". There are currently only two screens on the market that natively support this. Therefor you need to purchase a converter to use HDMI, DVI, or VGA.
- The glass screen is VERY reflective.
- For the most part its not upgradeable. You can add memory or a new HDD and that's it. However, most laptops are either not upgradable or the "upgrades" are so expensive that its better to buy a new one instead.
- A minor qualm for me, and something common to nearly all Macs is the lack of an HDD access light. This can sometimes be useful. Also common to al Macs is the keyboard and shortcuts. These are different from Windows and take getting use to. For the most part neither is better than the other, its just a matter of learning a new setup.

Overall I love my Macbook. Despite its higher price you get a quality machine for your money. Its much more solid than my other laptop, and s far seems more stable. I would say that if you don't game (or use one of the few games that support OS X) go for this. If you've never thought about a Mac before, its really not that hard to get to know it. Its designed for the computer illiterate (According to Apple, I wouldn't go quite that far), so you shouldn't have trouble finding your way around. Despite the good, I still would recommend you stick with the PC if you intend on gaming. Macs are getting there, but they just don't stand up to a gaming PC.

About Apple MacBook Pro MB470LL/A 15.4-Inch Laptop (2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 2 GB DDR3 RAM, 250 GB Hard Drive, Slot Loading SuperDrive) detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #28 in Personal Computers
  • Brand: Apple
  • Model: MB470LL/A
  • Dimensions: .95" h x 14.35" w x 9.82" l, 5.50 pounds
  • CPU: Intel Core Duo 2.4 GHz
  • Memory: 2000MB DDR2 SDRAM
  • Hard Disk: 250GB
  • Processors: 2
  • Display size: 15.4


  • Redesigned MacBook with thin, strong aluminum unibody frame and 15-inch LED-backlit glass display
  • New glass trackpad with 40 percent more tracking area and supports more Multi-Touch gestures
  • 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 250 GB hard drive, 2 GB DDR3 RAM (4 GB max), DVD/CD SuperDrive
  • Dual NVIDIA graphics (integrated and discrete); Draft-N Wi-Fi; Bluetooth 2.1; Gigabit Ethernet; Mini DisplayPort video output
  • Preloaded with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard operating system and iLife '08 suite of applications

Apple MacBook Pro MB470LL/A 15.4-Inch Laptop (2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 2 GB DDR3 RAM, 250 GB Hard Drive, Slot Loading SuperDrive) Description

MacBook Pro puts desktop-class graphics in a portable package. That makes it the ultimate mobile solution for gamers, video editors, photographers, and design professionals. Machined from a single piece of aluminum, the new 15.4-inch MacBook Pro is thinner, more powerful, and years ahead of its time. Inside the new MacBook Pro is the powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processor running at 2.4GHz with an increased 1066MHz frontside bus, next-generation 1066MHz DDR3 RAM memory and a stunning, ultrathin LED-backlit display that gives you instant full screen brightness. The new MacBook Pro combines the efficiency of an integrated graphics processor with the desktop-class performance of a discrete graphics processor. Out of the box, it runs the integrated NVDIA GeForce 9400M processor, which provides plenty of performance for everyday tasks while you get an extra boost with the GeForce 9600 GT for 3D games and graphics-intensive applications like Aperture and Motion. And the all-new Multi-Touch trackpad has no separate button. The entire smooth glass surface is the button, so it's clickable everywhere. At less than an inch thin and 5.5 pounds, it isn't just the next-generation MacBook Pro, it's the next generation of notebooks. 15.4 Glossy (1440 x 900) LED Backlit Widescreen Display Built-in iSight Camera and internal omnidirectional microphone NVIDIA (integrated) GeForce 9400M and (discrete) 9600 GT with 256MB Dedicated Video Memory 8X Slot-loading SuperDrive (DVD+-R DL/DVD+-RW/CD-RW) AirPort Extreme Wi-Fi Wireless (802.11a/b/g/n) Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR 10/100/1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet ExpressCard 34 Slot Ports - 2 x USB 2.0, FireWire 800, Digital/Analog Line In; Digital/Analog Line Out, Mini DisplayPort, RJ-45, MagSafe Power Port Unit Dimensions - 14.35 (W) x 0.95 (H) x 9.82 (D) Unit Weight - 5.5 Pounds

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