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Apple Mac mini MB463LL/A Desktop

Apple Mac mini MB463LL/A Desktop

We are interested in the Lastest model of Apple Mac mini MB463LL/A Desktop Coming Soon I find this from Amazon I will That interes, You that Agree?.

BuZZ from Customer Shopping

Mac Mini low end model. A much better buy!5
So I got one of these little bad boys (the cheaper model) from the apple store the day after they came out. With a student discount it came out to be just under $600 after tax, so I figured why wait for it to be available on amazon for the same price.

I just ordered 4GB of ram for around $65 after tax and shipping. Just read on a few forums that once you put another gig of ram into the new lower end mac mini, the NVIDIA 9400M graphics card automatically allocates another 128MB of VRAM, making it have a total of 256MB VRAM (instead of 128MB in which it is originally configured with)!

For another $90 or so you can plop a 320GB 7200RPM hard drive into it. A faster drive then the higher end model comes with.

This makes it virtually pointless to pay another $200 for the $800 model, when you can pay a total of $760 for a model that is better:

- 4GBs of ram vs 2GB
- 320GB 7200RPM hard drive vs 320GB 5400RPM hard drive
- with the same NVIDIA 9400M 256VRAM

So whats the only draw back? You have to pop the baby open and install the ram and hard drive yourself.

Is that so bad? Not at all for me, but it may be for some. However there are already forums that contain detailed instructions with pictures and videos for doing so, and as long as you can follow instructions it should not be too difficult at all. It is also somewhat less difficult to deal with than previous models, in terms of installing ram and hard drive.

Oh, I forgot to mention that you can (at the moment, 3/9/09) also get a $6 rebate for sending the 1GB ram chip from your stock mac mini to OWC if you are planning to buy the 2x2GB modular set from them. Another good buy is a $30 USB2 sata enclosure to plop that extra 120GB hard drive into for a little extra storage.

Hope this helps in you purchasing decision.

Oh forgot to mention the computer itself. I upgraded from a 1.42 DP Powermac G4 (FW800) to give you a perspective. First off it is much, much quieter and runs very cool. I have now left it on for 3 days straight and it is still cool. Leaving it on all night while processing video and other processes no longer keeps me up due to the absence of loud oscillating fans. I also like the idea that it uses very low power for a desktop, since I'll keep it on most of the time.

The main reasons for jumping to the mac mini bandwagon for me was because of its FW800 and better video card (two things you will never be able to upgrade on a mac mini without swapping out the entire logic board, which is basically a new computer anyway).

Although it has FW800, I was a little leery to make the upgrade from my Powermac G4 because I have an external 16x DVD burner that uses FW400, an external hard drive with FW400, and a RAID drive with FW800. All of which I wanted to use with my mac mini.

Due to its only 1 FW800 port, I was left to speculate whether daisy chaining all of my external drives together via one FW800 port would actually work properly and efficiently. (FW400 HD to FW400 DVD-R to FW800 RAID HD to one Mac mini FW800 port?).

Seems like a stretch, but all the drives have their own power source, and I am not going to use the FW400 HD much, so I figured what the heck, if it didn't work, I'd have to shell out the extra cash to update my external drives to USB 2 if I wanted to keep the same configuration I'd been using for years.

Anyway to get to the point... It works! I can burn a DVD at 16x from the external burner with media from the RAID drive while watching video, editing photos, and swapping files all from the RAID drive in which the burner is daisy chained to with no hiccups. (Don't know that my old G4 would have been happy with this set up, but it had 2 FW400 ports along with a FW800, so I needn't try.)

For those of you I have lost... this means that the new mac mini is a solid performer and although it has less expandability than my previous mac (less ports, no PCI expansion slots, no upgradeable video cards and processors), it still gets the job done at a faster rate and at a lesser price than upgrades.

So far it has saved me processing time, space, and the utter sound of a power hungry loud fanned G4 buzzing in my ear!

One more thing. I use "PC only" software for work, so having a mac that can boot up in windows was a definite plus for me, and another large factor in my upgrading/buying decision.

Yet another great addition is dual display support for those of you who want to hook up a couple displays at once. And to comment on another review, the mac mini does support a VGA monitor (or 2!), you just have to pay an additional $20 for the adapter from apple (as it only comes with a Mini-DVI to DVI Adapter in the box). And although the quality is going to be better with a DVI monitor, you may want to hold onto your VGA until it poops out (especially if you are low on cash like me) because by that time DVI monitors will be even cheaper and better in quality. Just a thought! (Not to mention the difficulty and expense to recycle those old VGA's).

Update - April 12, 2009

Mac Mini is still great, I am just updating this review due to an important issue that was brought up by another reviewer in regards to upgrading Mac Minis.

Mac Minis have no user-serviceable parts inside according to apple, so upgrading it yourself may void the warranty. I did a little research on apple forums before I opened mine and found that the general consensus is if you break something, you void your warranty. If you don't break anything, it should not void your warranty, but ultimately depends on the apple authorized retailer's decision. If they can find that the defect was possibly caused from you opening it up, they may not uphold your warranty. For me the risk was worth it, as I have been working on macs for years, but definitely take this into consideration when installing yourself. I still recommend buying the low-end model as you can always upgrade it later if/when you want. If you are uneasy about upgrading yourself, you can always buy a larger hard drive and/or ram from OWC or another third party and have an authorized apple retailer install it for you. This will still save you a considerable amount of money and protect your warranty, as a money saving hassle free solution.

I would not like to be responsible in any way for people accidentally screwing up while installing their own ram/hard drive and possibly voiding their warranty. Sorry for not mentioning this issue previously in my review.

A Powerful Machine For Many Things5
This Mac mini builds on the success of the last one. The biggest upgrade to the machine is the new graphics. With this change, movies and games perform much better.

Items of clarification: Currently the description on Amazon lists 4 USB ports, but there are actually five.

Also, the Mac mini no longer comes with an Apple Remote so if you're looking to use it as a media server, you may want to pick one of those up.

Our favorite upgrade in this new machine is the ability to handle more RAM. It can now address 4GB of RAM, and it is also DDR3 RAM so it performs much better.

Also, the upgrade to Firewire 800 allows for some very fast external drives if you're looking for increased storage.

We have a few hundred Mac minis performing as servers at macminicolo. According to our early benchmarks, this machine will be even better at for a server. No doubt this is due mainly to the faster, increased RAM.

Awesome home system5
Just purchased am already very happy with the decision. This was a replacement system that I purchased for my wife - I am the home tech support resource and I was tired of constantly having to keep her system patched, updated and rebuilt (from XP to Vista SP1) in order to fight off ad/malware that was constantly infecting it.

Even though the hardware spec's for the Mini are lighter than the Vista system that it replaced, it is much snappier in browsing and using the included applications as compared to the Vista equivalents. One correction to the displayed specs on Amazon - the included adapter is a mini-DVI to full DVI adapter, not a DVI/VGA adapter as listed. If your old monitor does not support DVI, you will need to get a new monitor that supports it. Considering the graphics focus of Mac systems, this is a worthwhile investment in any case if you have an old VGA only monitor - the graphics will really "pop" when you convert to DVI.

Update will follow in a few weeks once I have the wife fully converted over to the new system.

About Apple Mac mini MB463LL/A Desktop detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #19 in Personal Computers
  • Brand: Apple
  • Model: MB463LL/A
  • Dimensions: .0 pounds


  • Elegant, energy-efficient, compact desktop Mac measures 6.5 inches square, 2 inches tall--just add keyboard, mouse, and monitor
  • 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 120 GB hard drive, 1 GB RAM (4 GB max), 8x SuperDrive with dual-layer support
  • Draft-N Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n); Gigabit Ethernet; Bluetooth 2.1; NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics with 128 MB of shared memory (256 MB recognized if 2GB+ of RAM is installed)
  • Five USB 2.0 ports; one FireWire 800 port; Mini-DVI and Mini DisplayPort video output (included Mini-DVI to DVI adapter)
  • Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard, iLife '09, and Front Row software included

Apple Mac mini MB463LL/A Desktop Description

The Mac Mini features the powerful 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor. It has two cores, so it's like having two 2.0GHz processors in one! Another great feature is the suite of applications in iLife '09. Full-featured collections of programs that are designed to let you easily take control of your creative projects. iPhoto organizes your Digital pics, and has a cool feature that groups them by event. iWeb makes it easy to create your own website. iMovie & iDVD lets you Edit your videos and make your own DVD movies. GarageBand gives you the tools to make your own music, and even start your own virtual band! All of this and more are made from sleek, anodized aluminum with refined, rounded corners and a pearly white cover that can fit anywhere! NVIDIA GeForce 9400M with 128MB DDR3 Shared Video Memory Slot-loading 8x SuperDrive (DVD+-RW DL/CD-RW) AirPort Extreme (802.11a/b/g/n) Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR 10/100/1000BASE-T (Gigabit) Ports - 5 x USB 2.0, FireWire 800, Optical Digital Audio Output/Headphone out, Optical Digital Audio input/audio line in, Mini DisplayPort with support for DVI, and VGA, connections via Optional Adapter, RJ-45 (LAN) Approximate Unit Dimensions - 2 (H) x 6.5 (W) x 6.5 (D) Approximate Unit Weight - 2.9 Pounds

Have a Nice Days!
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eMachines EL1600-01 Desktop PC

eMachines EL1600-01 Desktop PC

To day I find introduce you this eMachines EL1600-01 Desktop PC I will think This Interesting ,and you can see that

BuZZ from Customer Shopping

An (Almost) Perfect 2nd Computer4
Ok - if you are looking for a simple, no-frills computer to do "office" tasks, surf the internet, store and play music and watch DVDs, this might be just the computer for you. It is small, quite quiet and sips energy where my other quad-core beast gulps it. For 85% of my computer needs, this computer has it covered.

No worries! Well mostly:)4
An impulse buy to replace an aging laptop my wife uses in place of a home desktop. A good price got me interested - but had some worries about 'only' 1GB of RAM and the ATOM processor. Could this bargain basement machine get the job done?

The XL operating system uses less memory than the current bloated VISTA OS and so far - it seems that 1GB will suffice for my wifes computer routine - mainly websurfing/downloading articles and printing newsletters. I believe one can stuff up to 1.5 GB of RAM into this box - but that's plan "B" - and only if needed. I attached the computer to a 22" 16:9 ratio monitor - the shared memory video card seems to handle it ok.

I've attached a 500GB external hard drive to insure no storage problems - but 160 GB internal is a nice size. Setup was a snap, performance is adequate - Microsoft Office runs a little slow (compared to my Dual Core Intel laptop processor)- (EXCEL spreadsheets of any size or complexity of formulas should probably use a more capable machine). Photo editing is yet another decision point. Minor editing is ok using lite software ... but this is NOT a candidate machine for photoshop editing unless it is very casual and one is not used to runing this program on a larger (RAM) and faster (processor) machine. Computer gaming - again - depends how much memory and processor speed needed by the game engine; many graphics intensive games will not run on a shared video memory graphics card ... another place not to press your luck.

Eventually you will forget which machine you're on in a multi-computer household and hit a computer 'brick wall' processing wise ... but it hasn't happened yet. Good value for the money - but don't press your processing luck if you're used to faster machines at work or at home. As said in a previous review - a great second machine and a good value for the money.

A candidate for younger school children and lite office work. A great place to start comparison shopping if you are a budget driven consumer.

About eMachines EL1600-01 Desktop PC detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #92 in Personal Computers
  • Brand: eMachines
  • Dimensions: 15.25 pounds
  • CPU: Intel Atom 1.6 GHz
  • Memory: 1000MB DDR2 SDRAM
  • Hard Disk: 160GB
  • Processors: 1


  • Box Contents - eMachine EL1600-01 Desktop PC, Optical Mouse, PS/2 Keyboard, Software Bundle - Windows XP Home with Service Pack 2, Microsoft Works, Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 60-Day Trial, Norton Internet Security 2009 60-Day Trial, 1-Year Limited Warranty
  • Intel Atom 230 1.6 GHz Processor
  • 512 KB L2 Cache
  • 1024 MB DDR2 RAM
  • 160 GB SATA Hard Drive

eMachines EL1600-01 Desktop PC Description

The eMachines EL1600 Desktop delivers energy efficient performance and expansion possibilities in a sleek and sophisticated black finish, easy access front ports and powerful performance. Personalize your DVDs by laser burning unique, high-res transparent images directly on the label side of discs with Labelflash Technology when you burn DVDs. This stylish, compact PC features Intel Atom processing technology, plenty of storage, a DVD/CD burner and more for a great everyday computing experience. Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 Labelflash SuperMulti DVD+-R/RW Drive 10/100 Base T Ethernet LAN Front ports - 4 x USB 2.0, Microphone Back ports - 4 x USB 2.0, Serial Port, Parallel Port, 2 x PS2 ports (keyboard, mouse), Headphone, 3 x Audio Ports, RJ-45 (LAN), RJ-11 (Modem), VGA Expansion slots - PCI Express x1 (occupied) Drive bays - external 5.25 (occupied), internal 3.5 (occupied) Monitor is not included

Have a Nice Days!

Dell 3 Ghz. Super Fast Optiplex Pro GX 1 Computer

Dell 3 Ghz. Super Fast Optiplex Pro GX 1 Computer, Gigantic 750GB Hard Drive, 4GB RAM, CDRW/DVD Combo, Intel P4 Single Core Multimedia Desktop PC, includes New Licensed Windows XP 2 Operating System and Genuine Sealed CD, SP 3

To day I find introduce you this Dell 3 Ghz. Super Fast Optiplex Pro GX 1 Computer, Gigantic 750GB Hard Drive, 4GB RAM, CDRW/DVD Combo, Intel P4 Single Core Multimedia Desktop PC, includes New Licensed Windows XP 2 Operating System and Genuine Sealed CD, SP 3 You can see Now!

BuZZ from Customer Shopping

A very fast computer!4
I am very happy with the computer that I purchased, but disappointed in the service that I received. The computer arrived as scheduled, but it would not connect with the internet. I contacted the company via email on another computer, but the company never contacted me. I ended up having to pay for a service call from another computer company to fix the problem. It appears that when the computer was refurbished, they failed to delete the IP address that the computer formerly had in it's memory. It should have been cleared and reset back to automatic. As to the computer itself, it is an excellent machine and totally fulfills all my requirements.

Powerful computer - weak graphics2
Be aware that this computer, with powerful components, comes without the video capacity to allow those components to work well. Had 4 blue screens after purchasing the item, and had to do several "heroics" that more novice users would not have been able to perform. Had to purchase, from another source, the "recommended" video card that set me back another $80. I sent 3 emails to communicate with the sellers, and received no answers. I have made this one work for me, but it is not for the user who can't figure out what is wrong.

Not very happy...1
The description of the computer I bought seemed too good to be true... and alas, it was. I was broke, and thought it'd be a good deal, since I NEEDED it... and I got suckered into buying it by the great description of it they had on there. this thing's probably as old as I am, and they can say 4gb ram and 750gb hard drive space all they want... this thing is slower than molassas and I havn't gotten a chance to save a single song, video or picture on it yet. want to have two windows open at the same time? (Which I need to for work) Ha! Not happening... that second page will be loading til you fall asleep my friend. It also only plays 50% of the dvd's I put in it... and since my monitor is WAY more advanced than the computer, the two are hardly compatable. Buy a NEW computer... go to best buy or something. seriously.

About Dell 3 Ghz. Super Fast Optiplex Pro GX 1 Computer, Gigantic 750GB Hard Drive, 4GB RAM, CDRW/DVD Combo, Intel P4 Single Core Multimedia Desktop PC, includes New Licensed Windows XP 2 Operating System and Genuine Sealed CD, SP 3 detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #56 in Personal Computers
  • Brand: Dell
  • Model: Optiplex
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3 unknown-units
  • Memory: 4GB DDR2 SDRAM
  • Hard Disk: 750GB
  • Processors: 1


  • Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz With Hyper Threading (very fast), 4 Gigabytes (GB) DDR RAM Memory, Gigantic 750GB Hard Drive
  • CDRW/DVD Combo Optical Drive (Plays DVDs/Plays and Records CD's), 10/100/1000 LAN Networking and Internet (Cable-DSL Internet Ready), 8 x 2.0 USB Ports
  • Original Sealed Microsoft XP, Office Suite CDs included (Open Office is Microsoft Office compatible), Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus Programs
  • High Speed Internet Ready, Audio In & Out, Headphone In, Microphone In, Windows XP CD, Application, Driver, Manual CD
  • Also Includes: Power cables, Keyboard, Mouse, New Speakers

Dell 3 Ghz. Super Fast Optiplex Pro GX 1 Computer, Gigantic 750GB Hard Drive, 4GB RAM, CDRW/DVD Combo, Intel P4 Single Core Multimedia Desktop PC, includes New Licensed Windows XP 2 Operating System and Genuine Sealed CD, SP 3 Description

This computer has been refurbished by a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher. It includes an Original Genuine Licensed Windows XP Operating System with a new sealed Official Microsoft CD from a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher. Beware of Software Piracy. Many other sellers offer a non-original copy of Windows XP. A non-original or counterfeit copy may leave your computer at risk and inhibit your right to critical security updates and is also illegal. SUPER FAST DELL Optiplex Pentium 4 3.0 GHz computer system with everything. This UPGRADED DELL includes: 4 Gigabytes of DDR2 Ram Memory, a Huge 750GB SATA Hard Drive, Fast DVD Combo (Plays DVDs/ Records and Plays CD's), and is loaded with great software. It is ready for any Cable/DSL internet connection. Also included FREE: Scrolling Mouse, Keyboard, and Hi- Fi Stereo Amplified Speakers! The Dell Optiplex was designed for heavy professional use at large fortune 500 companies. They differ greatly from the Dell consumer line of computers sold in stores, which are usually not as high quality. The Dell Optiplex cases and interiors are more durable and very well designed for the demanding corporate customer. These computers are great for all users. This Dell Optiplex is an excellent choice for Office, Home, or School. Students, Professionals, Educators, and Parents can all benefit from this computer. Even in demanding network environments where multiple computers are inter connected, and consistent operation is a must, the Dell Optiplex is a proven performer.

I would be grateful if you would give me the Interview
Cheers !.
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Compaq CQ2009F Desktop PC

Compaq CQ2009F Desktop PC

We are interested in Compaq CQ2009F Desktop PC from amazon and I read about that ,I think that wonderfull.

BuZZ from Customer Shopping

Great deal for a replacement/additional PC on a Budget!4
This will not break PC speed records, but it is no slouch either. It will probably still be faster than your average 5 year old computer that you may be using right now.

More details on what's inside:
The DVD-RW drive is a standard easily replaceable/upgradeable 5 1/4" SATA drive. Also the hard drive is also a standard SATA 3.5" replaceable/upgradeable drive. As far as the memory goes, it is a standard desktop 240pin, 800MHz/667MHz DDR2 module (Single Slot) which can be upgraded to 2GB if you were so inclined to do so. (NOTE: To get to the RAM you have to remove the side panel of the case -2 screws-, the front bezel of the system -2 clips-, to dismount the DVD drive -2 screws-, in order to gain access to the single RAM slot on the motherboard which is populated with the default 1GB module.) The power supply is an external module exactly like a laptop power supply which also helps to reduce the size and heat inside the system. One con I noticed with this system is that the little cooling fan in the back of the system will kick in a very high rate of speed (Loudly) when the internal temps go up which is good for cooling, but can be unnerving if you don't expect it. Also there is no active cooling (Fan) on the processor/chipset itself so I am unsure of its longevity in warmer environments. The model that I received did have a dial-up modem (Green RJ11 Jack) in the single pci-e 1x slot of the computer so I am not sure what the other reviewer was talking about. Also keep in mind that this system does not have an Antivirus pre-installed so be sure to load it with your favorite Antivirus before going crazy w/ online browsing. That is actually one of the good things about the system too, in that it does not come preloaded with tons of Promo-Ware (Limited Usability Promotional/Advertising Software) like other systems. It is pretty much a straight forward XP install with very few Compaq-ware items. The mini keyboard and standard optical mouse was a nice throw-in.

Small, inexpensive, quiet, fast enough, low power consumption5
Works fine as a web terminal, casual-use home computer, etc. A tremendous value with a dual-layer DVD writer, reasonably large SATA drive, etc. Full-sized Western Digital SATA hard drive is a bit noisier than I'd like but not overtly noisy. Case is very small, and case fan noise is not too obtrusive. Measures about 30 Watts of power consumption, a small fraction of full-sized desktops which usually use 100 to 200 Watts. Analog video on VGA connector is appropriate, but adding a HDMI could be useful for connecting to a digital TV. Probably HDMI is not available on the nettop/netbook chipsets typically used with the Atom CPU.

Performance is adequate. Doesn't quite feel as quick as the Atom can after adding AVG antivirus and particularly Zonealarm firewall software. Still fast enough for casual web surfing, etc.

Overall very good for its intended purpose. Computers needn't be big, expensive or power hungry to meet the needs of most home users, and this is a good example.

Nice, low power system for the kids.4
This is a nice little system for the kids. It's energy star qualified so you can leave it on all the time without affecting your electricity bill. According to HP's web site, you can't upgrade the ram (click specs):
This shouldn't be a problem since 1GB for XP is plenty.

It also doesn't come with speakers or a monitor so get those as well. Here what we got:

Just don't expect to run the latest 3D games on this machine. For web surfing, email, music, and watching movies, it should be fine.

About Compaq CQ2009F Desktop PC detail

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #182 in Personal Computers
  • Brand: Hewlett-Packard
  • Model: CQ2009F
  • Dimensions: 9.69" h x 10.71" w x 4.41" l, 13.00 pounds


  • Desktop PC with 1.60GHz Intel Atom Processor 230 with 512KB L2 Cache
  • 1GB PC2-4200 DDR2 SDRAM Memory
  • 160GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive, SuperMulti DVD Burner
  • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 with 64MB Dedicated Graphics Memory

Compaq CQ2009F Desktop PC Description

Streamlined, stylish, and fun, the Compaq CQ2000 series provides easy access to online experiences and digital entertainment without overwhelming your workspace. It¿s ideal as a 'starter PC' or as an extension of your existing home network. Whenever you want to play a DVD, watch YouTube, send e-mail, or just surf the Web, this compact device is always standing by. The CQ2000 is easy to set up and ready to run right out of the box¿and the price point is hard to resist. Based on the Intel Atom processor, the Compaq CQ2000 series is optimized for Internet access and basic communication. Reliable, energy-efficient performance helps manage your most essential computing tasks. And with its low, slender profile, the CQ2000 fits neatly into areas where space is at a premium¿apartments and dorm rooms, kitchens and cubicles. Proven technologies and economical design make the Compaq CQ2000 series both highly affordable and extremely dependable. It's the smart choice for cost-conscious users who know exactly what they need: a simple, reliable, easy-to-use accessory without any unnecessary extras. And with the Compaq brand, you can count on technology that's built to last. HP helps you minimize your impact on the environment with ENERGY STAR qualified power management features and a number of convenient technology recycling programs. The Compaq CQ2009F ships with Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, 1.60GHz Intel Atom Processor 230 with 512KB L2 Cache, 1GB PC2-4200 DDR2 SDRAM Memory, 160GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 with 64MB Dedicated Graphics Memory, SuperMulti DVD Burner, and 10/100Base-T Network Interface. Dimensions: 4.41" (W) x 10.71" (L/D) x 9.69" (H) approx., 8.16 lbs. approx.

Have a great day everybody!